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Our bodies comprises curves but not one straight line. Therefore, our bags should consist of curves.

So, we asked a question: What is the perfect curve for humanity?

One of our answers is the perfect circle.

We will never be perfect. We make our bags with sewing machines. Sewing machines connect dots with straight lines, which means the circles will never be perfect circles, and these imperfect circles are a perfect fit for imperfect humanity.

Holiday Pop-ups


Holiday Pop-ups

Kazumasa Takai

Click on the pics to see more information.

Click on the pics to see more information.

Three holiday markets in November!?! Yes!!

This year we start in Chelsea, one of hottest areas in NYC, then move to Gowanus in Brooklyn. Finally, we’ll be participating in a holiday market in Gladstone, NJ. Each market is unique and talented makers and artists are participating. Join us for the fun and pick yourself up a cool bag for the holidays!

Not sure which one to visit? Come to all three!!



  1. Renegade Craft - Chelsea NY

  2. Cut & Crafted - Gowanus Brooklyn

  3. a maker’s circle - Gladstone NJ




3つとも行けない… 12月にもう一度出店するかもしれません。決定しましたらまたお知らせします。