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Our bodies comprises curves but not one straight line. Therefore, our bags should consist of curves.

So, we asked a question: What is the perfect curve for humanity?

One of our answers is the perfect circle.

We will never be perfect. We make our bags with sewing machines. Sewing machines connect dots with straight lines, which means the circles will never be perfect circles, and these imperfect circles are a perfect fit for imperfect humanity.

My favorite chill space


My favorite chill space

Kazumasa Takai








There is a small mansion and a garden in Upper Manhattan (Washington Heights) named Morris Jumel Mansion. It's in a small historical district which is only a block.

This tiny spot has been meaning a lot to me since I moved in this neighborhood. As living in NYC isn't an easy thing, (It doesn't mean I don't love it!) I need some places to relax. When I am on stress, I often visit this place to feel the fresh air. This garden is only a block away from busy commercial street but, once you get to the garden, you would notice how quiet this garden is. (except birds whisper) Lots of trees, herbs and plants, especially their spring blooming and roses in the early summer are my favorites.

Free concerts and cultural events are everywhere in summer in NYC. This institution also has a free jazz concert every summer. Lay down on the ground, smell grasses, listening to nice music and feel the flesh air... This is the one of best moments of NYC's summer.(I know we still need some nice foods and drinks!!)
This year, the concert Chill on the Hill is tomorrow. Last year was their 25year anniversary, this year might be smaller but the quality will be as good as the concert 2 year in the past.

Yankee Stadium is 5 minutes away with a bus ride, also you can stopover the train during the trip to the Cloisters Museum. They have free cultural events such as yoga class, salsa dance class, actor's play and more.