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Our bodies comprises curves but not one straight line. Therefore, our bags should consist of curves.

So, we asked a question: What is the perfect curve for humanity?

One of our answers is the perfect circle.

We will never be perfect. We make our bags with sewing machines. Sewing machines connect dots with straight lines, which means the circles will never be perfect circles, and these imperfect circles are a perfect fit for imperfect humanity.

Trip to Atlanta


Trip to Atlanta

Kazumasa Takai




As I am a iPhone photographer and appreciate to not bringing a heavy camera, I would like to say thank you to my husband as a photographer. He shoots on film and for monochrome, he develop it at home. As result, they turned out nicely with great mood. Personally I think film is better than digital as often I think digital images are too sharp.

Made a short travel to Atlanta with hubby this summer. Atlanta is such a pretty city so we enjoyed our photo shoot. Lots of greens everywhere and less people walking (means another problem such as too many cars) It is a city but I didn't feel like it because many of cities are not like that. One of difficulty in NYC is less greens and always surrounded by the people and too many things happening all the time. It's nice to have quietness sometimes. Also people are more friendly down there. Made some friends and new connections that I am excited about.

Hope to see you soon Atlanta!