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Our bodies comprises curves but not one straight line. Therefore, our bags should consist of curves.

So, we asked a question: What is the perfect curve for humanity?

One of our answers is the perfect circle.

We will never be perfect. We make our bags with sewing machines. Sewing machines connect dots with straight lines, which means the circles will never be perfect circles, and these imperfect circles are a perfect fit for imperfect humanity.

Our Materials


Our Materials

All of hamphemp's bags are of the highest workmanship and materials (mostly sourced directly from Japan).


Edge of Kurashiki Canvas

Edge of Kurashiki Canvas

Kurashiki Canvas

Kurashiki Canvas is our representative fabric for the bags. Kurashiki is a city where used to produce lots of cotton. They started manufacture Hamp, which means canvas fabric. They use vintage shuttle looms (went out from production)  to weave their fabric.

This vintage loom gives special feeling like material having air in between it's threads. High speed loom weaves very fast, often the edge of fabric gets distort but, shuttle loom weaves with right speed which makes the edge even.

Because of we're using even edged fabric, our bags keeps it's beautiful shape for a long time.




Japanese Selvedge Denim

History of Kojima Denim

The story begin from Edo period. Kojima is a small town where was well known for cotton production. In early 1900’s, they were producing most of cotton uniforms in Japan but after chemical fiber took over uniform market, they had to move on to something different. At the time, jeans were longing for Japanese people as cotton had higher value than chemical fiber. In 1950’s, as they couldn’t weave/sew thick cotton fabric, they imported the fabric and sewing machine from USA and started their first production. As they made a big success in Japanese market, also with foreign fashion brands, they grew up to the world factory of high quality denim these days. We selected one of special factories from many in Kojima.

What is special about Kojima Denim?

The denim fabric we use is made from handpicked Zimbabwe Cotton. The reason they don’t use machine is the machine cut fibers and leave lots of dusts. As handpicked cotton has clean long fiber, it gives high intensity and whiteness when it comes to thread. This long fiber thread gives natural fades on the fabric. This premium fabric dyed with the deepest indigo which you can expect high contrast fades we all denim heads loves. Enjoy this fabric as it ages and acquires additional unique characteristics.




Small indigo factory

Small indigo factory